this book was like roald dahl for grown ups

Life and Loves of a She Devil Life and Loves of a She Devil by Fay Weldon

"Mrs. Black, washing up glasses, resolved never to give another party, never, and to divorce her husband and next time marry someone without hypocrisy, possibly from the army, who understood how much more satisfactory it is to kill and die for a cause, in the shadow of some great loyalty, than to try to live forever in the framework of the personal and the trivial.

Presently Dr. Black drove Miss Hunter back to the clinic, but not before accusing Mrs. Black of unforgivable rudeness to his guest."

Pages 227-8

"Mr. Ghengis enjoyed his work. It seemed to him that it was one of the few occupations in the world that could not be faulted. Social work could be seen as a system-bolstering; ordinary doctoring as fostering the interest of the pharmaceutical companies; teaching as the enslavement of the young mind; the arts as idle elitism; business of any kind as grinding the world's poor beneath the capitalist heel; and so forth: but cosmetic surgery was pure. It made the ugly beautiful."

Page 215

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