It's really a wonder...

"It's really a wonder that I haven't dropped all my ideals, because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out. Yet I keep them, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart." Anne Frank

NO ONE is faultless. Does this mean that no one is at fault?
When we speak hatefully, should we apologize, or at least explain?

I sent the following email today...and have not received a reply. According to his twitter page, he's getting his hair done.


You implore people who speak ignorance and hate to stand behind their words. You harass them relentlessly and demand they justify their actions. I think it is wonderful to hold people accountable--especially when those people are perpetuating derogatory speech.

Please respond to the comments from your readers. Why won't you address or acknowledge what you wrote? Why would you send a link to a twitter page full of tasteless humor regarding the forced evacuation of people from their homes, towns, land, into such various locations as: tunnels, basements, sewers, concentration camps, and ATTICS.

Please see two recent comments to your post pasted below; these readers are asking you to justify your actions. If you don't care to read them, then please read the very short comment below.

"who is anne frank and why r all u ppl tlking about her…pretty sure this videos bout a baby gettin run over by a train…i see no mention of any anne frank…"

We are waiting. We are trying to "get a fucking clue."

Thank you,

Abbi Dion


88Mario, I know how desperatley you try to be funny, but I'd never thought you'd make fun of a child who died the most horrible death possible, in an concertration camp. You're pathetic to use a child hero as a unsucessful attempt to be funny. After you bitch and moan about homophabia, I thought you'd be compassionate to other victims of racism.You're a pathetic, hypocritical, failure as a person.

alicialicious says – reply to this

89It's funny how when other people say or do something inappropriate you nag them, degrade them, HARASS THEM to apologize yet you wrote something completely uncalled for and offensive and all you do is delete it and act like it didn't happen. GET OVER THE "BALLOON BOY"–He is just a child, he may have some disabilities, but it seems like he was just afraid, or he wanted the attention, something that YOU YOURSELF want as well and glamourize so what exactly is the problem?!


From: on behalf of Perez Hilton
Sent: Fri 10/16/2009 4:58 PM
To: Abbi M Dion
Cc: Frey, Brandl;; Sheryl D Kantrowitz; emilie dion
Subject: Re: Anne Frank Post

You think I'm not a jackass???
You should have some context - or just get a fucking clue - before emailing me.
Jackass Perez

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