thinking this morning about high school

In the living room Elaine was surrounded by winter snowflakes. It was a night. A very small night. It was a room. A very small room. The first few friends of Philadelphia. Bottles of liquor in the kitchen, music in the main space and a window open. It was cold and they were blowing smoke. They were singing along to music from high school. Ten years later at least and they were like oooo-oooo-oo-oo-oooo. The string section was strong on that number. She remembers it well.

She feels the cold sheet of air blow into the living room and the smoke back across them. And she hears music from her best friend's Honda Civic driving to school in the morning. Minnesota winter morning on the way to Shore View High School. They would drive by a couple of times, light another one and try to figure out what the fuck they were doing. I know I'm going to fail today, they would say. Did you finish the book? They would say. Last night Elaine dreamed about a boy she knew in high school. He was medium height, thin, glasses, played the piano...

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