More Baby Drama!!!

Perez Hilton writes:

"There's something in the air!!!
This is pretty juicy stuff.
The National Enquirer is exclusively reporting that Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards is going to be a father again, and the baby is not his wife's!!!!
Yup, dumb dumb got his alleged mistress pregnant.
Edward's wife is dying of incurable cancer.
Click here to read all the scandalicious details!"

#226 - Remember The Facts says – reply to this
The National Enquirer is owned by a Clinton backer. That means till the election they will be running major political scandals on anyone but Clinton. Last week was Obama and Oprah and this week it's Edwards.
Please read and look for other sources before making decisions on politicians.
Thanks and Please Vote For Change

#216 - You Pig says – reply to this
This is alleged. This is the Enquirer which is total trash. You have no proof. You would add to the burden of an incurable cancer patient with a story that is nothing more than an assumption at this point. Just when it seems you can't become any less human, you piece of slop, you show that you are even more soulless than anyone's worst nightmare. Karma is hell Perez. When your time comes to face God, I hope you are prepared for the price to be exacted from you and I hope it was worth it. You piece of unmitigated garbage.

#196 - abbi says – reply to this
Perez, you are hilarious and astute, but this entry shows the kind of gullibility and bourgeois salaciousness that one typically finds on 'lesser' blogs. Disappointing, especially since you have shifted the focus of your criticisms from brain-dead self-entitled goons to progressive intelligent magnanimous advocates for victims rights. And the victims are the American people.

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