Coming Soon...

- a list of chronological ages for both male actors and their female love interest counterparts
e.g., "country star" (or whatever). jeff bridges: 65. maggie gyllenhaal: 28.

- a list of things marketed to women, exclusively
e.g., face cream, vacuum attachments, weight-loss sneakers, juvederm (sp).

- a review of Woody Allen's latest effort, Midnight in Paris...
e.g., when gil (as played by owen wilson) uttered the line "that was djuna barnes?! no wonder she was always trying to lead!" i stood up, and cheered.

... au revoir for now!

portrait d'Andre Derain 1936, Balthus

p.s. in reference to the first and last items mentioned above...
Midnight in Paris (2010)
Old Sage Museum Guide (played by Carla Bruni b. 1967)
Gil -- Male protagonist, aspiring writer (played by Owen Wilson b. 1968)
Inez -- Gil's annoying ass fiance (played by Rachel Mcadams b. 1978)
Gabrielle -- Gil's nubile love interest (played by Lea Seydoux b. 1985)

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