You're Just So Pretty

love tori, love kevin aucoin

I watched the above, and was reminded of how amazing Tori's song "Putting the Damage On" is, so here is the song:

you said you packed your things, and divided what was mine

Oh mah gawd, and I've looked for this forever on Youtube and am overjoyed to see someone uploaded it! used to listen to this one on repeat, repeat, repeat...

sing you to sleep, now

amazing b-side. gorgeous.

do i hate what she is, or do i want to be her

freshman year, after class, press play...

and i'm just having thoughts, i said i'm just having thoughts of, having thoughts, having


i go from day to day
i know where the cupboards are
i know where the car is parked
i know he isn't you

Official Video for Hey Jupiter -- (1:25 - 1:45) and (3:10 - 3:40) so so so

guess i thought
i could never feel the thing i feel

love the above, love the stripped down more

no one's picking up the phone
guess it's me and me
and this little masochist
she's ready to confess
all the things
that i never thought that
she could feel

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