the chimp named nim, what happened to him?

why don't I like poems that go from one thought to another?
declarative sentence, incendiary exclamation, illogically juxtaposed parts of speech.
noam chomsky said "green ideas sleep furiously" or something similar.
the truth is, I can't recall because it's been eight years since linguistics, and my dad would say, that is no excuse.
my mom would say, your dad dragged me to see him once. (was that a logical digression?)
also I am here, at the computer, and today the internet is working. so why don't I check and find out what it was, what he said to prove that a grammar works just like this?

it's so easy today to appear as though you know it all.

but I don't know it all. I don't know what a line like "I can buy shoes" means, and
perhaps it means something wonderful. so many times I've thought I knew it all
or, at least, was on the path to something profound, something that would show them all
(I would show them all)
love songs apparently are common.

mermaids have gold teeth.

I can buy toothpaste.

see? it's just language. (ha! someone said, "just language") and I agree.
teeth, toothpaste. it's too neat. not dramatic. not unstable enough.
do you know what stability is? ignorance.

but also
it's love.

so anyway, I've been laying off the bottle lately. and I've been thinking.

did you know when you stop something
you still dream you're doing it?
here you are toasting champagne on a balcony in the rain
now running to buy wine before the clock strikes nine, last night you were
ordering winter beers in winter bars

you still watch the light from passing cars
still see ghosts in moving shadows on the wall
you still see mermen smile and frown
still stay up late writing: wreathed in seaweed red and brown
still piece together thoughts and memories, adjectives
and nouns

lalalalalaaaaaa AMD


Benjamin Winkler said...

"Colorless green ideas sleep furiously." Also, I really appreciate the honesty in the above post.


abbimireilledion said...

benjamin, thank you! for reading, AND for commenting. truly means a lot. in other news, i believe your brain might be too big. however, i like it that way. and this is not innuendo, metaphor, symbol, etc. Freud said that a train going into a tunnel represents intercourse, but then how does one talk about a train simply going into a tunnel?