Drinking: A Love Story

Drinking: A Love StoryDrinking: A Love Story by Caroline Knapp

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Simply one of the best books I've read in my life.


She wrote, "I withdrew in other, more subtle ways. My husband used to say, 'When Nan gets bombed, she goes off into some little room in her mind, and pulls down the shade.'"

That line stuck with me for many years. It was quite unlike anything I'd ever read about drinking or drunks, quite contrary to the images of alcohol I'd encountered in the past: the manly and tough drinker, or the smooth and elegant drinker. "She goes off into some little room in her mind and pulls down the shade." Without stating so explicitly, that image had to do with the places alcohol can take you. it had do with transportation, with the very real--and, to alcoholics, enormously seductive--phenomenon of taking psychic flight, ingesting a simple substance and leaving yourself behind.

I read it over and over and over.

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