Waver no more, my friend. Elizabeth Warren is the one

Greatest hits from ten minutes of Twatter on 2/27/2020:

Teacher, Harvard professor, bankruptcy law expert, authored several books, policy wonk, gets things done, passionate, compassionate, energetic, works across the aisle, articulate, tough. And not 80yrs old. Warren is more than ready. Please vote for this most qualified candidate

Question: Warren or Biden?

Answer: It depends on what you want for America beyond getting 45* out. If you want relief from the exhaustion & frustration of the last 3-4 years, pick Biden. If you want that PLUS an economy that works for all of us, not just the rich, pick Warren.
- Carol Vernon

Warren hands down! She’s smart. Can & has worked in a bipartisan way and has the energy of a 40 yr old. Her plans are substantive and she’s figured a way to PAY for them all. I phone bank for her. So very positive in CA for
@ewarren- Cohen---
Warren! She has plans for everything and is thorough, curious, deliberate, and the smartest one in the field. I desperately want that kind of person in the Oval Office.
Leah Bear---
Liz. She is younger, brighter, and has actual pragmatic plans for amazing structural change.
- Kim


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