Two Roads Out of a Feeling

In the beginning, the song sounds like Tom Waits, the piano.
From the dark it calls to me and I follow. I go and go

until the road diverges and I flee
down the hall to the stairs, down
the stairs to the cabinet, to
the soft thunk of the door coming
loose from its lodging. And I reach inside--
with the lost friend, the lover who
didn't love right, the memory
of some other time--and drown us.

Once, during a fifth or sixth viewing of Eternal Sunshine, I drank shots of Tequila.
I was in my boyfriend's parents' house. I sat on the persian rug in the living room.
The tequila burned going down. It burned but it felt good.
This boy lying next to me, woke and took my hand. He said, oh, you're crying
then fell back asleep.

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